Digital product development from scratch.

Web and mobile application

CondoSmart is a consortium management company that operates in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

Through their mobile and web application, they allow owners, tenants and businesses inside buildings and various residences to coexist in a simple and organized way through agile and flexible communication.


Product Owner

Backend & Web


Project Manager

Condosmart team contacted Innova Developers team in order to transform an abstract idea into a reality through a desirable digital product.

Immediately our team of experts set to work to generate a mobile and web application that is friendly and intuitive for users.

Product Discovery

We identify and define basic features and functionalities that application´s users might require.

Product Design

A complete and total task of branding and product design was carried out.

Connecting Spaces, Strengthening the Community.

Product Development

Through a sprint methodology together with the client, the development team began to implement the functionalities of the various users of the platform.

Q/A y User Testing

The entire development was planned in such a way that quality standards and procedural adjustments can be established to achieve a friendly and easy userflow.

Development time took us 4 months and a SCRUM methodology was used, which allowed joint progress between the different parts of development and its adequate communication to the client in order to obtain different types of feedback regarding to functionalities and styles.